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In the office, like at home
09 October 2013
В офісі, як у будинку

     Most of the time employees spend on the job, so office furniture should meet the criteria such as comfort and safety. Managers who want to succeed in the work of the team, it is necessary to create all conditions: to organize a comfortable work space, cleverly using office space. When the location of tables and chairs in the office, for example, need to avoid the situation "back to the door." Man has to see all the space and monitor the input and output. This placement of the desk, of course, is only suitable for a manager or employee who has his own office . However, in a modern office sometimes several people occupy a single room. In such a case, the most sensible option would be to use different partitions to create small cabinet spaces. Office partitions zone, contribute maintaining the unity of the space, promote sound absorption. But even in these areas, fenced off desktop, should take the most appropriate of the possible positions. We should not forget about the color space of the business decision: it is desirable that the office was decorated in neutral colors. However, such a scheme can be diluted with bright furnishings, such as paintings, photographs, flowers.


    Lighting plays a significant role of office space and furniture colors. Black and dark shades on the office desk make reaction slower, and light - on the contrary, are able to stimulate useful energy focus.

    Table size is also important. Desktop should be large enough to comfortably accommodate it all necessary for work: computer, office supplies, paper trays, papers, documents, and leave room for writing. Form the desktop may be different. Although for the most creative people are acceptable round, oval, with smoothed corners tables. It is good that was in the office rest room for employees. Severe stress at work leads to stress, that the undesirable affects both the health of employees, and the result of the firm. In such an area, usually place a coffee table, upholstered furniture, plants.


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