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Universal wall unit "Ukrainian traditions", element №2+F4
Vendor code: 
5402+Ф4 УТ
Chipboard color:
2 466
Universal wall unit "Ukrainian traditions", element №2+F4
Dimensions: 600x410x1594 mm. Weight: 36,08 kg.
Semi-closed 2-door cabinet. Made of laminated chipboard: front - of 16 mm thickness, shell - of 16 mm thickness. Rear wall is made of white laminated fiberboard of 3 mm thickness. Sticking: yellow PVC edge tape of 1 mm thickness.
Photoprint in the style of Ukrainian folk motives is implemented on the chipboard with usage of special ink, which hardens under the impact of emission of special ultraviolet lamps. There is also used the technology of coating with varnish of the very picture for increasing of resistance to outer damages, abrasion and wet cleaning. 
Possible color combination:
Shell color: milky oak, front color: jasmine.